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The story so far...

Once you’ve given birth to your baby, you want to show off your beautiful new addition to everyone, but at the same time want to look and feel amazing whilst doing it. 

Now I’m totally ‘for’ breast feeding - it's empowering and the most natural thing a mother can do for their infant. Not only is it fantastic for the baby’s early growth, but it helps to strengthen a great bond – something which shouldn’t be withdrawn or limited when away from the home environment.

The Observation – We’ve all seen it, the awkward mums embarrassed and becoming flustered whilst trying to get their baby latched on without exposing themselves.

The Aim - To design a series of tops to enable mothers to breastfeed with confidence in public. The tops need to be practical, functional & fashionable but most importantly comfortable. If mum is comfortable & relaxed, then baby will feel the same.

The Idea - A flowing top which you can put the baby underneath which has an under layer to allow easy access to the nursing bra without the possibility of showing post natal tummy. Also needs to be machine washable at 30°C.

The Formula - Mummy feels confident & sexy again, oozing confidence = Happy Mummy, Happy Baby & Easy Feed!

It’s hard to not keep mentioning the same words over again, but speaking from experience, looking after a baby is hard enough without pulling my wardrobe out every morning to decide:

  1. What I should wear
  2. Whether it’s comfortable
  3. If it’s practical to feed in public with

I looked all over the high street for tops that wouldn't make me feel frumpy and old before my time, but there really was very little – it seemed to be an area of the market totally forgotten!

And so it begins...