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Mamas little Secret aims to enable mothers to breast feed in confidence in public, whilst still looking fashionable and being comfortable.

The brain child of mum of 3 Keely Coburn from Cambridgeshire wanted something that was practical, functional, fashionable and most importantly comfortable. After breast feeding her first child, Moli now 2 ½ she was shocked to discover the lack of nice, affordable tops for women to wear and using her previous experience from working in the fashion industry embarked on a journey determined to ensure that there was something available for the next time she was to breast feed.

After searching the high street for something that wouldn’t make her feel frumpy and old before her time Keely embarked on her own research and speaking to friends and family members came up with the concept aptly named “mama’s little secret” which allows women to wear their own feeding bra underneath and simply putting the baby underneath without showing any skin, post natal tummy or the baby feeding.

Keely says “speaking from experience looking after a new baby is hard enough without having to pull out my wardrobe every morning to decided what to wear and if it’s comfortable and is practical for me my new baby in public, afterall you want to show of your new beautiful baby to the world and why shouldn’t you feel amazing whilst doing so”